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The "THORA" pantaloon / GREEN

The "THORA" pantaloon / GREEN
  • Pantaloon THORA green
  • Pantaloon THORA green
  • Pantaloon THORA green
  • Pantaloon THORA green
  • Pantaloon THORA green
  • Pantaloon THORA green

Only 4 left in stock

Size is "approx" because of the elastic in the waist
Lenght is the measure of pants from top to bottom.

If you want pantaloons that covers your feet
- measure your own lenght hips to floor
- add 25-30 cm = pantaloon length

Pantaloon model "THORA" / olive green with golden lurex

**(CPH pick-up price, please check-out with "Check or Money Order" or message me to reserve"

sturdy cotton with lurex stripes woven in

COLOUR: Olive green with lurex stripes in gold-silver-bronce glitter colours

MEASURE:  Pantaloons comes in different leg lenghts and I can also make the elastic width smaller/bigger.

The "THORA" pants are quite "roomy" and even if you like your pantaloons to go all the way down to cover your feet, the
special elastic/tie-band system I have on the Thora-bands makes them sit properly on the ankle and does
not fall down.

NB! The pants come with an open hem-hole for the elastic, so you can easily re-do the adjustment by undoing the stitches
on the elastic and sew it back together either by hand or machine.

If I dont have your size here, I can make them - just sent me a note with your wishes.