For the month of November, 2020 I am offering free EU-shipping on all orders above 1150 DKR (except to these countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Malta, Hungary) 

NB! I have disabled direct payment, all orders will go thru manual handling  with "check or money order". Please indicate if you want to pay per Danish bank transfer or by creditcard via email link (IZettle)  - or Paypal

About Me!

Hi my name is Dud Muurmand ... and I am a skirt addict :)

Yes, this is what happens over the years of designing, sewing and dancing in big skirts with lots of swooosh! You get addicted.

I am a self-taught seamstress / costume-maker/creative fabric composer - and I have been working creatively with my sewing since I was a young girl growing up with an equally creative mother who made a living on her artistic handicrafts and decorations, but also taught me a lot of my skills on the sewing maschine.


Since 1995, I have worked professionally as a dancer, instructor and performer specifically within different fusions of  Skirt Fusion, Tribal Style Bellydance, Belly dance  and have also worked in the theater field both producing my own theater shows as wells as many years of colaborations on cabaret productions here in Copenhagen - and I make most of my costumes myself.

Back in the 1990's it was not very easy to find ready-made double-circle-cut skirts for dancing. So I started sewing my own skirts, and then the demand also arose from my students and fellow dancers for skirts.

So .. for many years I have actually made skirts to order, my customers found me all by themselves -  but now I think my skirts need a proper online presentation, together with the other things I like to make: pantaloons, hip scarves, headdresses tops and accessories. All made by me!

In the shop, you will find an introduction of my models in some ready-made skirt designs - but all the models can be custom made to you with your choise of colours and of course to your choise of size/measurements

The  fabrics I use are chosen very specifically for how they flow, feel and look when dancing with them - and I have also a criteria on how the fabric looks in wear, tear and daily use going back and forth to the dance studio. Many of my own skirts from 1995 is still alive and kicking :)